“Six-Gun Quarantine” by E. E. Harriman

77-14 Six-Gun Quarantine

Book 77 (# 14 on the spine) is E. E. Harriman’s “Six-Gun Quarantine.” Originally published in the February 1926 edition of the pulp fiction magazine The Frontier, it features artwork that originates with the 25 April 1925 issue of Short Stories magazine.

This copy is unique.

It was inscribed by the author, E. E. Harriman, and dated April 1927 (the book was printed 1 March 1927). Within a month, Harriman signed the book and posted it off to one “Mr. McCracken.” The precise identity is unknown, but it may well be wilderness man Harold McCracken. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_McCracken

77 Inscribed

The novel’s story is simple and straightforward enough to be concisely reported here without much trouble.

Jim and his friends own small ranches and are troubled by a ruthless landowner whom is hoodwinked into buying tons of cattle. Among these are diseased cattle afflicted with “blackleg.” Jim and his friends try to convince our villain to quarantine them from infecting the other cattle and the land and water they trample through, but, the blackguard is used to running roughshod over his insignificant neighbors.

They soon learn that the cattle are to be led far north and sold to another unsuspecting party, thereby infecting a huge swath of land, which begins through their northern neighbor’s properties.

Enlisting the aid of large and small rancher’s assistance to the north, they trap the blackguard and his cattle in a pass and cull the infected out and permit the rest to pass.

Trouble brews, and Jim is left to fend off the ex-foreman in a ruthless and brutal battle of guns and fists. Naturally, no story is complete without the love interest. Jim gets the girl, or, rather, being a tough-gal, she gets HIM !!! It was well-worth the time spent leisurely reading this novel.

“Six-Gun Quarantine” by E. E. Harriman

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