2015 August 31: “Killer’s Breed” by Bruff Curfew

Killer's Breed

This pseudonym is reputed to be the alias of N. Wesley Firth, but I sincerely doubt that Firth concocted the absurdities within. (At least, I hope that he wasn’t the only person utilizing this alias).

When Len Lannigan’s father, Jake, is maliciously stabbed to death with a Bowie, he discovers his father’s hoard of cash missing. Upon cleaning the blade and hilt, he finds an engraved name, and thus begins a ridiculous trek all over tarnation, following lead upon lead. Essentially, the blade changed hands through deaths and card games, etc., and it eventually comes down to that Jake’s friend, Breezy, whom keeps Len company throughout the entire hunt, is the murderer, which was entirely clear from the get-go. An awful plot-line that lends no credit to the action-packed cover art of a roped man with two revolvers in hand.

If all Bruff Curfew titles are by Firth, well, this is the worst example of all his Western output.

2015 August 31: “Killer’s Breed” by Bruff Curfew

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